Our Mission is to foster international solidarity of Palestinians through local community art events. Dear Gaza is a Minnesota based organization which celebrates Palestinian culture in order to resist war and xenophobia. We strive to reintroduce and reclaim Palestinian narratives by engaging our community in art activities.

Our Story

The Dear Gaza Block Party was created out of necessity exactly one year after the 2014 fifty-one day conflict in the Gaza Strip that left over 2,000 dead, most of which were Palestinian civilians. We found it important to stay consistent in keeping Gaza in the heart of our community. Our approach however was a little unconventional considering the protests and uprising all across the world for the same issue. Instead we decided to meet our Minnesota community where they were and throw a celebratory art powered block party. Continuing five years of building community partnerships and relations we strive to raise awareness of Palestinians’ culture through the collaboration of artists at our events.  All are welcome as Dear Gaza seeks to broadly curate art that represents its core values–altruism, activism, and community engagement.


We believe our local efforts should be directly aiding the plight of the people in the Gaza Strip. This is why since 2015 we have raised ninety thousand dollars which has been matched to five million dollars worth of medical aid for families in the Gaza Strip with the help of our NGO partner Anera’s (Americans Near East Refugee Aid)
In-Kind Medical Donations program.

What is the situation in Gaza?

60% of Gaza's Population is made up of refugees. 90% of Gaza's water is not fit to drink.
With a population of 1.8 million people, the Gaza Strip has endured three wars since 2007, and faces an ongoing blockade. Palestinians living in Gaza face chronic shortages of medical aid and health care supplies.

Want to get involved? Reach out to us! hello@deargaza.com