What is the DEAR GAZA block party?

DEAR GAZA is an inspiring artist showcase and fundraiser that houses a grassroots community which fosters international humanitarian issues through local initiatives. This year we are honored to host our 4th annua l DEAR GAZA block party. This family friendly event host spoken word poetry, dance, interactive art making, food, live music, and more from conscious artists in solidarity with the Gaza strip.
Last year, thanks to local humanitarians like you, we were able to raise $30,000 for Gaza. This initial investment was then turned into 1.3 million Dollars worth of medical supplies by America Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) through their In-Kind Medical & and health care equipment to local organizations.

Who is ANERA?

ANERA (Americans Near East Refuge Aid) is our NGO partner, based in Washington DC ANERA is the only US approved non-religious NGO that has access to the Gaza Strip. They have been developing sustainable solutions for families in the Middle East for 49 years and have been the USAID grant for the past 45 years. DEAR GAZA focuses on the In-Kind Medical & Relief Program through ANERA, which delivers critical, donated medical supplies and health care equipment to local organizations and hospitals in Gaza. To learn more about ANERA visit anera.org

What is the situation in Gaza?

60% of Gaza's Population is made up of refugees. 90% of Gaza's water is not fit to drink.
With a population of 1.8 million people, the Gaza Strip has endured three wars since 2007, and faces an ongoing blockade. Palestinians living in Gaza face chronic shortages of medical aid and health care supplies.

Want to be involved? Reach out to us at deargazamn@gmail.com!

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